You may not think of your local city government as a potential the best source of traffic for your website. But just like any other business, cities and states have their own digital marketing strategies that they use to attract visitors and residents. And with the rise of online research before buying products and services, more people are using online searches to learn more about everything from restaurants to new homes in particular areas.

To that end, most cities and states now have websites with information about their services and facilities available to residents. Some even have dedicated pages for businesses interested in moving there or selling their goods or services to city customers. The challenge is getting in front of these potential users so that when they search for information about your city, you are one of the top results.

U.S. State Targeted Website Traffic

One of the biggest challenges to targeting state websites is that their content varies greatly. Some states have more content-heavy websites, while others have more image-heavy websites. If you’re targeting a state website, you need to make sure that you are posting on the right pages. This can be tricky because 

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